International chain of ballet schools

We are an international chain of ballet schools for children.

We help each child to reveal their personal gift, we guide young people on the path of joy from success and self-realization. In an atmosphere of care and celebration. Our teaching program is unique, built on centuries of traditional ballet culture. It marries the teaching methodology of the famous professional ballerina and teacher A.G. Vaganova with the knowledge of early childhood development to be especially adapted for children from early age. The program was developed in collaboration with ballet artists from the Bolshoi Theatre, neurologists and early childhood specialists. The methodology is favours harmonious physical, socio-emotional, artistic and cultural development

We aim to open up the magic world of ballet to every child and help them to grow happy and confident.

Strong product and our experience is the basis of the franchise

Statistics and analytics are the basis of the successful business model of our school

Get a detailed business plan

including financial model and the franchise presentation with a pricing

The investment depends on school size

Some numbers

Investment from


Sources of Revenue

  • Ballet for children
  • Body ballet for adults
  • Contemporary
  • Acting
  • English with music
  • Birthday event plannig
  • Photoshoots
  • Summer camp
  • Apparel offerings
  • Events (fall, holiday, etc.)

We are ready to share a ready-made strategy of the ballet school success

Our story began in 2016 with a small hall on the outskirts of Moscow. In 5 years we have come a long way to 60+ branches in 4 countries of the world. Now we are a strong successful team of young professionals. Our partners are enthusiastic entrepreneurs who love children, love their business.

Dimitri and Tatiana Korneeff

founders of 2Ballet

Launch a school in 6 months*

We have made a breakdown of your school launching preparation which includes 6 stages each of them is supervised by our team

  • Step 1


  • Step 2


  • Step 3


  • Step 4


  • Step 5


  • Step 6


Step 1


You need to send a request and  receive a presentation with the financial model of 2Ballet school.

We contact you and consult in terms of all the project issues.

Step 2


Complete and submit your Confidential Questionnaire Form to our Franchise Development Team for consideration. If you're approved, you will then schedule a call with 2Ballet’s Manager to discuss best next steps. The franchise agreement review.

Step 3


Select the location based on our requirements (1200-2200 sq ft.). After that, we approve the space and you sign the rent contract.

Step 4


We develop the project design and the space fitout gets started. Meanwhile, the furniture and the room equipment are being made.
At the same time we conduct your training, help you to select teachers and train them as well. Also, you launch an advertising campaign and attract your first customers.

Step 5


We are involved in some organizational issues and prepare for grand opening.

Step 6


We do the official opening on a high organizational level and arrange a holiday for both kids and their parents.

*The website contains the average data of 2Ballet school network. Contact your manager to get a personal calculation for your own project.

Still have some questions?

We have tried to answer the most exciting ones

  1. Why a ballet school, is it still important?

    The history of ballet dates back about 400 years. And today, ballet continues to be one of the most prestigious performing arts in the world. We are not a professional institution. We present ballet as an effective system of comprehensive preparation of children from an early age for a dynamically changing future.

  2. I’m not a ballet expert, in fact I understand nothing in it. Can I control the trainers?

    Sure, no worry. We have developed the trainers’ distant training and control system.

  3. What is the area size required for a school opening?

    It is 1200-2000 sq. ft.

  4. There are no ballet dancers in my hometown. How can I find a ballet trainer?

    There are classical choreography teachers in every city. We choose the best of them

  5. Who will do training for the teacher?

    We approve and learn your teachers.

  6. There is a ballet school in my hometown. Can I open mine?

    Yes, you shall do it. It means that the market has been already prepared for it. You can open your school located 1 or 2 miles from the competitor’s. There are some towns where there are 4 ballet schools in the same area. Note that we have reached the success even there.

  7. How can I recruit new students? I cannot do that at all.

    We are quite experienced in that field and are eager to share the experience with you. And that’s not all. We will recruit the first 100 students for you ourselves for a reasonable fee.

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